Project overview


A modular platform

VIGILANT is an end-to-end solution of state-of-the-art detection, investigation, forensic and analysis tools contained in a single platform. Its Disinformation Toolbox will be packed with over thirty individual tools enabling police officers to detect disinformation and other harmful content and to analyse text, image/video, and networks.

Building institutional knowledge and response capabilities

VIGILANT will provide extensive training to equip police authorities with knowledge about disinformation campaigns and the appropriate actions for dealing with them. Understanding the social drivers, goals, motivations, psychological dispositions and actions of individuals sharing and consuming disinformation by drawing on social science research to obtain a whole-of-society perspective of disinformation is essential to understand how best to counter disinformation linked to criminal activities.

Establishing a peer-to-peer support network

The VIGILANT project will set up a specialist European network for police officers tasked with combatting disinformation to share their knowledge and experiences of investigating disinformation linked to criminal activities to build police capabilities to respond to a problem that ignores borders.

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