How do we tackle ethical and privacy questions?

Watch the fifth video in our #GettoknowVIGILANT series, where we delve into the unique aspects of the VIGILANT Project. This episode offers an explanation of how we address ethical and privacy concerns.

Brendan Spillane, our Principal Investigator, emphasizes the significant ethical considerations inherent in a project of this nature. From the project's inception, ethics has been a fundamental principle, with a focus on meeting the needs of police authorities while understanding the social and behavioral dynamics behind disinformation. Spillane underscores the project's commitment to an ethical and security-by-design approach, which includes oversight by Professor Elisa Orru from the Freiburg Center for Security Studies and the Max Planck Institute. The project incorporates ethical frameworks for platform operation post-deployment, ongoing ethical oversight during development, and an external ethics board to address the rapidly evolving nature of disinformation scenarios.

Watch the full video below.