How is the VIGILANT going to help Police Authorities?

Watch the second video from our latest #GettoknowVIGILANT series exploring unique features of the VIGILANT Project. In this video, you will learn the benefits of the VIGILANT for the police authorities.

Brendan Spillane, our Principal Investigator explains:

"From our initial workshops, we found out that an awful lot of police authorities don't actually have the tools or software in this area. A lot of them have actually just got a police officer who is using Twitter (X) or looking at Google to find out what the disinformation is. In some other cases, they are using unsuitable software which is more for brand management for big corporations. But that does not really work for disinformation, because that is technology designed to track advertising, which is designed to be seen. While we think about disinformation, it is only meant to be seen by certain audiences, it mutates, it changes... So the advertising tracking software really doesn't work."

"What we are looking at is existing tools and technologies - packaging them all together - modular programs on this platform. It can be expanded and extended in the future for a rapidly changing domain, and essentially allow police officers these coordinated disinformation campaigns more effectively and more efficiently."