How is VIGILANT aligning with the legislative measures on national and EU level?

Explore the eighth video in our #GettoknowVIGILANT series, where we delve into the unique features of the VIGILANT Project. In this segment, Brendan Spillane, our Principal Investigator, discusses how our project aligns with legislative measures on national and EU levels.

As he explains, "In Europe, be it the European Union, the European Parliament, or individual member states, safeguarding citizens and consumers remains paramount. This commitment is reflected in proactive legislation addressing ethics, privacy, and security concerns, such as GDPR, the law enforcement directive, and forthcoming directives like the Digital Services Act and the AI Act. Our platform not only integrates these protections but also anticipates forthcoming regulations, ensuring adaptability to evolving legal landscapes. We remain vigilant, staying abreast of future legislative developments to ensure our platform remains aligned with emerging requirements."

Learn more in the video below.