How is VIGILANT boosting cooperation?

Explore the seventh video in our #GettoknowVIGILANT series, where we uncover the unique aspects of the VIGILANT Project. In this segment, Brendan Spillane, our Principal Investigator, discusses how VIGILANT enhances cooperation among police officers and departments.

He explains that "The project's third component involves establishing a sustainable support network, facilitating knowledge exchange among participating police authorities and those in the Community of Early Adopters. This collaborative approach is crucial, as disinformation tactics employed in one country may spread to others. By sharing experiences and insights on effective (or ineffective) responses, practitioners tasked with combating disinformation can learn from each other, enhancing their capabilities for the long term. This collaborative learning ensures readiness for future challenges, enabling officers to continually refine their strategies and responses."

Watch the full video below.