Second Online Workshop for the Law Enforcement Authorities

On February 28, we organised our second online workshop for law enforcement authorities, titled "To Catch a Bot, You Must Think Like a Bot: VIGILANT and Synthetic Hate Speech" and specifically designed for police authorities currently engaged with or interested in cooperating on the project and its network of partners as our Community of Early Adopters. It was led by Gary Munnelly, VIGILANT’s Technical Coordinator from the ADAPT Centre in Trinity College Dublin.

"To Catch a Bot, You Must Think Like a Bot" - Gary Munnelly, VIGILANT's Technical Coordinator

The event saw participation from various European police authorities, provided technical updates on the development of a tool intended to facilitate the investigation of disinformation linked to criminal activities. It also offered a platform for discussing the tool's usability and the enhancements required to meet the specific needs of law enforcement effectively. The session was productive, generating new ideas, eliciting vital feedback for further development, and fostering stronger relationships among attendees. This contributes to our overarching goal of establishing a comprehensive pan-European network of law enforcement authorities, dedicated to sharing best practices and lessons learned.

Community of Early Adopters

The Community of Early Adopters has been designed for European Police Authorities who have an interest in following project developments with a view to adopt the VIGILANT platform at the end of the project. By joining, the police authorities will:

- Become one of the first to adopt our platform

- Attend seminars

- Get access to project intel

- Contribute to co-design workshops

- Have access to platform demonstration

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