The VIGILANT Project Mentioned and Plauded by Key EU Bodies

The VIGILANT project has been recently highlighted across several EU platforms standing out for its proactive role in the wave of crucial elections this year.

These elections are increasingly affected by disinformation campaigns, a core focus of our project, which aims to equip law enforcement authorities with advanced tools for monitoring and countering disinformation leading to criminal activities, including efforts to rig elections. As recognized by key EU bodies, our initiative is at the forefront of helping to ensure electoral integrity.

The European Research Executive Agency (REA) specifically highlighted VIGILANT in their overview of science-driven initiatives enhancing democracy during this pivotal election year. The REA article notes that "This year of democratic expression is an opportunity to explore the multi-faceted ways research contributes to EU policies and strengthens democracy’s constituent parts: how to navigate the digital era and confront disinformation while bolstering public trust in science and tackling societal inequalities." At the same time, this year presents a valuable opportunity for the VIGILANT to put its tool to the test and help those safeguarding democracy both online and offline.

VIGILANT featured in the European Research Executive Agency (REA) article

Detailed further by the EU Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs, VIGILANT's contributions extend beyond immediate election concerns. The project is employing state-of-the-art tools that assist law enforcement agencies in detecting manipulated media, investigating disinformation leading to criminal activities, and monitoring social media's role in disseminating criminal content. These tools are pivotal for maintaining civil security in the long run.

Reaffirming VIGILANT's essential role, the Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME) also highlighted the project in its newsletter commending it for "supporting law enforcement agencies in their fight against disinformation and those who target free and fair elections” and for “developing platforms that enable law enforcement to assess the impact of disinformation on citizens and propose countermeasures."

VIGILANT mentioned in the Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME) newsletter

As the VIGILANT project approaches its critical final stages, the recent mentions and commendations from distinguished EU agencies provide a strong affirmation of our efforts and spur us onward. These acknowledgments reinforce the significance of our work and the impact it has on strengthening democratic processes across Europe. If you are interested in learning more about our specific achievements to date, visit our News and Events section, where you can find detailed updates and insights into the progress we have made, and subscribe to our newsletter.

We would also like to use this opportunity to thank our project officer, Yorgos Kaiafas, and the European Research Executive Agency, for helping us spread the project further.