VIGILANT, FERMI, and REGROUP Projects Join Forces to Combat Disinformation

Representatives from the VIGILANT project recently met with counterparts from the FERMI and REGROUP projects on the sidelines of the Community for European Research and Innovation for Security (CERIS) workshop on Disinformation, Fake News, and Hate Speech in Brussels. The primary objective of this meeting was to explore new opportunities for collaboration and joint efforts in tackling the pressing societal challenges associated with disinformation.

The workshop served as a convergence point for researchers, policy makers, and practitioners combatting disinformation and other forms of harmful content while grappling with the complex interplay between society and technology. While the focus was primarily on internal security, the event also shed light on the urgent need to combat disinformation and fake news, which pose significant threats to European societies. Resolving this critical issue demands an interdisciplinary approach that combines societal interventions such as educating individuals about reliable sources of information and developing state-of-the-art disinformation detection and analysis tools.

The workshop provided an ideal platform to foster new cooperation. With REGROUP advising the EU on post-pandemic challenges, FERMI empowering society to combat disinformation, and VIGILANT enhancing law enforcement capabilities, discussions focused on the potential for synergistic collaboration among these initiatives. By pooling their resources and expertise, these projects aim to tackle the challenges of our digitalized world, combat disinformation, and contributing to the formulation of well-informed policies. Their collective efforts stand as a testament to the significance of united action in addressing pressing societal issues and fostering a resilient and well-informed Europe.