VIGILANT focuses on disinformation linked to criminal activities

Delve into the fourth video in our #GettoknowVIGILANT series, where we uncover the unique aspects of the VIGILANT Project. This part explains why VIGILANT prioritizes addressing disinformation linked to criminal activities and what that entails.

Brendan Spillane, our Principal Investigator, sheds light on the rationale behind focusing on this specific area. He acknowledges the diverse legal and political landscapes across European countries, where responsibility for combating disinformation may lie with various entities beyond police authorities. Thus, VIGILANT targets entities with a mandate to address disinformation linked to criminal activities, such as false medical cures, violent extremism, hate crimes, or content targeting marginalized groups. This strategic focus enables VIGILANT to tackle disinformation in areas directly impacting societal well-being and safety.

Watch the full video below.