Workshop for Police Authorities: Exploring Connections on Social Media

The workshop co-organised by the University of Sheffield and TCD looked at two tools which have been developed by VIGILANT Project to aid in the exploration of connections on social media.

First, the workshop looked at the Twitter Conversation Explorer, which allows to navigate through the replies, looking at how they spread over time, their stance to the original post (comment, support, query, or disagree), as well as statistics covering hashtags, URLs, and users.

Second, the workshop looked into a tool providing a graphical look at the collective sharing behaviour of users and their posts in order to highlight co-ordinated behaviour. Specifically the tool focuses on users who are repeatedly spreading similar hashtags at a nearly similar time, in the hope of spreading a specific point of view.

Both tools can be applied to multiple social networks, which is particularly useful for the cross-platform analysis by the Police authorities.

Big thanks to everyone who joined!

Community of Early Adopters

The Community of Early Adopters has been designed for European Police Authorities who have an interest in following project developments with a view to adopt the VIGILANT platform at the end of the project. By joining, the police authorities will:

· Become one of the first to adopt our platform

· Attend seminars

· Get access to project intel

· Contribute to co-design workshops

· Have access to platform demonstration

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